The Cross in my life

We celebrate the cross of Christ, and rightly so.  I often think of death on the cross, but that was not the point of the cross.

The cross was used to humiliate.  Jesus hung on the cross naked.  They tried to shame Him, but only instigated salvation for me.

They were even surprised, as I read it, by the death of Jesus.  Then they stuck a spear in His side just in case.

When Jesus tells me to take up my cross and follow Him, it is not simply for the death of my flesh.  It is for the utter humiliation of my being.  That I would end up completely humble and without pride.  That I would be spiritually naked in front of the entire world and even Christ Himself.

This is where I meet Jesus – and I do not like it at all.  I do like the results.

Empty for Easter

The gospel of John tells us about Mary at the tomb after Jesus is resurrected.  The story goes that Jesus was standing right in front of her, but she did not recognize Him.

Been there.

In fact I make a habit of missing God when He is right in front of me.  Ouch.

Then, in John 20:16, Jesus (Who, by the way, is having a conversation with the girl that does not recognize Him) calls Mary’s name.

The lights come on.  No more tears.  No more angels.  No more disciples.  No more distractions.

Just Jesus.

What if we were that empty this Easter?  What if everything else fades away for a moment and we are left with only one thing:  The God who calls our name?

What will I do this week to be that empty, that ready to be filled with God’s word?