Amazed at the distance

I went to the big city the other day.  It is about an hour away from my house.

When I got there, I ran into some friends of mine from Telluride.  I asked them what they were doing, and they said that they had been following this waitress.  She used to work about 40 minutes from them, then she worked 50 minutes from them, now she works 70 minutes from them.  They go to this little restaurant twice a week (at least) because of this waitress.

It amazed me how far we will go to get service that we enjoy.

God’s love is like that.  I would travel for hours to see God’s love.  But I wonder how many people would travel that far to hear me talk about God’s love.

It makes me think about the disconnect between the love of Jesus and the way I tell of His love.

What can I do to diminish that disconnect?

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