Pain is just weakness leaving the body

Or it is kidney stones…

In my case, last week, definitely kidney stones.

I learned one thing: When something does not belong, it is painfully obvious. (emphasis on the word “painfully”)

A small piece of calcium in the body DOES NOT belong. The body will do all kinds of things to remind you of that.

I do not belong in this world.

Makes me wonder what I have to do to fit in so well.


A kidney stone will never be popular and well liked in the world.

So this is my plea for the week: I want to be well liked here, I want people to see the love of a great God in my eyes, I want people to respond to the kindness of Jesus in me.

But I DO NOT want to be mistaken for someone who has the characteristics of this world. Do I have to choose? I think we all do.

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