Misunderstood dragons

There is a growing number of misunderstood dragons and witches.

It seems to me that every time I turn on a kid’s tv show or read a child’s fairy tale book, I find this: The hero does not have to slay the dragon or break a spell or sacrifice life to win the day…

No, the hero simply has to build up the self-esteem of the confused witch. The prince pulls the thorn out of the dragon’s tail and says, “Oh, this is why you have been so mad.”
The princess helps the green sorceress overcome her anger by showing her how to smile and… eternal winter turns back to summer.”

There is no real evil, and nothing to scare my kids (and maybe that is good???), but here is what I miss: The power of the king’s sword. The life-changing, no, life-GIVING kiss.

Gone, it seems, are the days when the princess only had one option: the prince.
All of the dwarfs and all of the fairies and everyone in the kingdom tried everything they could think of, but in the end the princess dies – until the prince arrives with that kiss.

I fear that we may have forgotten that there is evil in our world. An evil that government will not be able to fix.
There is a dragon’s hate that will burn us until it is plunged through with a sword.
There is sin, and it is more than simple low self-esteem.
I see it in my heart, and I’ll bet you see it in yours.

I do not want my kids to be afraid, but here is the truth: I do want them to look for the Prince.

Why do we water down the hatred? Are we afraid that the Prince will not be strong enough to save us?

He is Jesus!
He lasts the long winter of my soul.
He cuts the dragon into little pieces and makes barbecue.
He pulls the sword out of the stone (and He is the only one that can).
He pours water on the witch, then calls down enough fire to burn through her, then beheads her, then eats her candy house at the after party.

Snow White did not hear the prince coming – because she was asleep – but we all knew he was on the way.

This is no little thorn; it is mediocrity.
This is no lack of smile; it is watery faith.
Jesus, come rescue me from this sleep.

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