The Dukes of Pastoring

I can change a flat tire correctly in about 7 minutes or less.

I used to watch the Dukes of Hazard every day (the original tv show, not the more recent mistake). And one thing I remember was that the Duke boys seemed to always get flat tires. I would hold my breath as the police were catching up to them and they would pull, from a seemingly endless collection of jacks and spare tires, the needed supplies and would have the tire changed within 45 seconds. (Just in time to jump over a river to safety – whew!) I was entertained.

Later, I began working for Western Auto. My mom got me the job and I was horrible at it. I mopped, put together bikes, and changed flat tires. I was too scrawny to lift the tires by myself. It took forever. Someone came and helped me every time. Eventually, I was “let go”. Probably because I put more sugar in my coffee than I did coffee, but the tire thing could not have helped…

But I learned some things from Western Auto: how to adjust brakes on any bike, how to mop without leaving dirt streaks on the floor, and how to line up the lugs with the tire before the tire got too heavy.

I can change a flat tire correctly in about 7 minutes or less. Not because of the Dukes of Hazard, because of Western Auto.

I have recently been introduced to the difference between a pastor that entertains you and a pastor that challenges you.

Entertaining pastors have talent and training. (Caiaphas)
Challenging pastors have heart and the Spirit of God. (John the Baptist)

Oh how I wish I was an entertaining pastor. My life would be so much easier. I would be so much more popular, and rich… certainly rich. No complaints after a sermon. No problem preparing. Much less time needed in prayer. But I have no talent, I have no training.

All I have is the Spirit.

Do yourself and your pastor and the Church a favor. The next time you go to church, walk up to your pastor (especially if it is me) and promise him that this is your last time in church – UNLESS he begins to teach you how to change a tire. (spiritually speaking) You cannot go with a flat tire.

Jesus, please remove the guilt from me. I have strived too much to entertain Your people for the sake of my ego and not nearly enough for the purpose of Your glory. Allow me just a breath of the fresh air that is Your Spirit. Let me see that car jump!

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