Martyr’s Eyes

Like you, I have heard a lot about the persecution of the church lately. Let me be very clear here: I do not like it.

There is a pain in my gut that breaks me to the core every time I see or hear about an image of death by hate. I mourn for these families and fear for my own. I wish that it would never happen.

I have to consider Psalm 116:15.

Blessed in the sight of The Lord is the death of His holy ones.


A man of God does not see the world the same way that the world sees the world.

Prison is not the end of freedom but the beginning of salvation. (ask Joseph)
Humility is not the end of rule but the beginning of leadership. (ask David)
Persecution is not the end of ministry but the beginning of mission. (ask Stephen)
Torture is not the end of joy but the beginning of singing. (ask Paul and Silas)
Death is not the end of life but the beginning of resurrection. (ask any martyr, or just ask Jesus)

If I am being honest, I must admit that I have “America eyes” when it comes to my view of God. I want to see salvation, leadership, mission, singing, and resurrection. Most of the time all I see is prison, humility, persecution, torture, and death.

What must I do to see the former and not the latter?

How do I see Christ?

How can I trade in my America eyes for martyr’s eyes?

Oh, I think we all know the price of martyr’s eyes! Can I pay that price? Would I pay that price? Jesus already paid that price for me. How do I relate to Christ if I am unwilling to pay the price He paid? Do I take up my cross or do I keep my eyes?

Great Lord Jesus, let me see You and what You see.

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