Better Than

We had to buy a new vacuum cleaner the other day.

So, I was vacuuming with it and noticed a large sticker permanently placed on the front – I will have to see it every time I use the vacuum.

It reads, “Better than (competition’s brand name)”.

An ad campaign built on the lack of someone else’s merits instead of the presence of one’s own merits.

I have spent too much time comparing myself to others. I have asked, and I’ll bet you have too, “Am I better than him?” Can I jump higher? Can I preach more eloquently? Can I sing louder? Am I better than…

My life’s campaign built on a lack of merits.

This is worldly and not at all like Christ. Let this blog serve as my official notice of two things:

I repent. And, I refuse.

I repent: I don’t want this lifestyle anymore. I want to live my life, not a life that is compared to another. Do I really care if someone can jump higher than I can? Am I so insecure that I fall apart when someone does? I repent – I am sorry for wasting so much of the time that God has given me by hoping that it was better time than my neighbor’s.

And, I refuse: I refuse to take part in this behavior. I dedicate myself to enjoying the things that God has done in my life. Let me honor God by refusing to take part in the foolish comparison of two lives that were not meant to be compared. I will trade my comparison for an appreciation of the fact that God has created someone to jump high.

I have lived afraid that someone is better than me.
I will live KNOWING the One that is better – and bragging on Messiah.

Let the life of Christ reign!

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