An Advent Story

Advent means “coming”.

It took my a long time the other day to find a piece of worship music with absolutely no reference to me, I, we, us, or ours. This made me think: Why the obsession with who I am? Why must everything revolve around me?

So, I am trying something new this Advent season.

I am trying to ignore myself.
No – that is not right.

I am trying to be so blinded by the arrival of God that I forget completely that I am there.

That does not sound too hard. God is LARGE. He is exciting. He is EVERYTHING!

Still, I spend a lot of time measuring the strength and wisdom and glory of God in relative proximity to myself. I have never actually spent any large amount of time just thinking about Him without thinking about what that does to me.

I have the strange feeling that I am missing something really great.

I have the feeling I am missing the essential God.

This Advent season, I want to focus on the fact that God is coming – and that that means more about God than it does about me.

Jesus, be larger than me to me. Be the great king and allow me the opportunity to see just how great you are. Let me stare at the Sun and forget about how much light I give off.

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  1. May I join you in this Great Anticipation? Beautiful reminder about Who is important – not just during Advent.

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