I may have forgotten about fear.

Thus, Psalm 111:10 would be more of a condemnation than a promise.  I would rather rest in the promise.

I could be treating God like He is a tame lion and not like He is a wild lion.  Do you know the difference?

Stick your head in the mouth of a tame lion and he will make you look brave.  Stick your head in the mouth of a wild lion and He will make you 8 inches shorter.

He is King.

He does not need me.  He does not need to listen to me.  I cannot teach Him.  I cannot love Him correctly.  He does not fear me.  He does not need to wait for me.  He is not swayed by me (or anything).  He is not in the storm.  He is not considerate of the storm (Mark 4:38).  He does not tremble.  He fights when He wants to fight.  He does not lose in war.  He does not wish for better.  He has WHATEVER He wants… WHENEVER…  And if He wants to, He can end me today.  now.  I don’t even know why He does not want to end me. 

Yet I have treated Jesus with the opposite regard.  I have treated Jesus like a tame lion.  I have lost my head.

Lord Jesus, please do not utterly destroy me.  But, more importantly, please help me remember the fear of the Lord…  So, if you need to utterly destroy me to do that, I would hope for fear.

A Spoon Full of Sugar

I started drinking coffee because that’s what the “cool people” were doing. By “cool people”, obviously, I mean the 50 year old Mr. Maddix that worked in Western Auto.

Mr. Maddix put a little sugar in his coffee.
I put a little sugar in my coffee… the first time.

Then I realized that I didn’t really like the taste of coffee.

So I began the practice of putting enough coffee over the sugar that the cup looked like coffee, but really it was mostly sugar.

I stopped drinking coffee and started drinking sugar.

Now that tasted good!

I am a fan of progressive sanctification. The journey toward Christ that happens in small increments. I think a little faith is still good faith. Forward motion is hard enough, so if you, like me, are working your way toward Jesus like that. Keep going!


I have found lately that I am increasingly unsatisfied with the taste of my faith. Or, maybe I am just running out of patience. Yep, that’s it. I am bored with little increments. I want the taste to change completely, not just a little bit.

I read the Bible and I see a lot of characters that are so radically moved that their lives are unmistakably bold and new and redeemed. They cannot make those changes. Only God can.

They are fishermen. They meet Jesus. They are apostles!
They are shepherds. They meet God. They are prophets!

The world needs to see this radical change.
I need to see this radical change.

No more spoonfuls. I want my cup to overflow.

I don’t want to manage my sin, I want You to raze it. I want it gone. I only want You, Jesus.

Jesus, please take away the taste of me and replace it with You. Let my life be a cup that is full of You.

Watch This

I am confronted by Paul’s upward challenge in 1 Corinthians 11:1.

It occurs to me that I don’t say the words, “watch me” very often. Though I am a leader and therefore should have those words in my resume. These words should end up on my tombstone, “He said, ‘Watch me.'”

I like those words when Jesus says them.
I like them when Paul says them.
But when I say them, I think they come across conceited or judgmental.

“Watch me. Do what I do. Follow me because I am following Messiah.” Am I big boy enough to say that?

Today I will be bold,


Imitate me because I am imitating Christ. (words that cause me to contemplate, then shudder.)

I do not have all of the answers. (truth is: I am quite an idiot! I am sure. And that’s being nice.)

What I do have is confidence. Confidence that the Lord Jesus is changing me to look like Him. I want people to see that. I want you to see that.

I would rather you look somewhere else, if I am thinking about my pride, but I am not. I am thinking about my Savior. How He works. He is working.

Lord, let me be utterly ashamed of my sin – and completely aware of Your war-like massacre of my old self. Truly You have begun a good work – and I believe Philippians 1:6.