I may have forgotten about fear.

Thus, Psalm 111:10 would be more of a condemnation than a promise.  I would rather rest in the promise.

I could be treating God like He is a tame lion and not like He is a wild lion.  Do you know the difference?

Stick your head in the mouth of a tame lion and he will make you look brave.  Stick your head in the mouth of a wild lion and He will make you 8 inches shorter.

He is King.

He does not need me.  He does not need to listen to me.  I cannot teach Him.  I cannot love Him correctly.  He does not fear me.  He does not need to wait for me.  He is not swayed by me (or anything).  He is not in the storm.  He is not considerate of the storm (Mark 4:38).  He does not tremble.  He fights when He wants to fight.  He does not lose in war.  He does not wish for better.  He has WHATEVER He wants… WHENEVER…  And if He wants to, He can end me today.  now.  I don’t even know why He does not want to end me. 

Yet I have treated Jesus with the opposite regard.  I have treated Jesus like a tame lion.  I have lost my head.

Lord Jesus, please do not utterly destroy me.  But, more importantly, please help me remember the fear of the Lord…  So, if you need to utterly destroy me to do that, I would hope for fear.

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