And You Are…

I was traveling and went into a coffee shop.  This guy in the parking lot was staring at me – and I was staring at him right back.  I DID NOT know him.

Finally, I went to him and said, “Hi!”  (yes, the exclamation point was necessary – that was how I said it.)  This was my way of saying, “Stop staring…”

And of coarse, he looked at me and said, “Hi Tree.”

Oh – I DO know him.

But here was my problem.  He was in the wrong context.  I expected him to be in a ski suit and on a ski mountain with a camera (he is a wedding photographer).  But he wasn’t.  He was in a parking lot. 

I am embarrassed quite often when someone says, “Hi Tree.” and all I can say is, “Hi, uh, buddy…”

Will they recognize Jesus when He comes back?  Will they recognize Jesus because of someting that I did?

Will I talk about Jesus in such a way that the people that listen to me, when they meet Jesus face to face, will say, “You are exactly like I was told You would be!”

Or will people be confused because the Jesus I speak of has no contextual tie to the real Jesus?

Which one:  “You are Jesus!”, or, “Hi, uh, Buddy…”

Jesus, let my words be so clear that You are able to connect the dots, and let me not contribute to an integrated gospel that never mentions Your holy name!  Amen.

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