My three year old son totally cleared up Matthew 15:11 for me today.

I was giving the youngest some food and Joshua wanted to help by “reading a book” to his little brother.  He pulls out a book about animals and begins reading the pictures,  “This is a cow, Daniel.  This is a monkey…”

Then he reminded me how far removed we are from the farm when he got to a picture of a rooster.  He pauses.  He looks at me.  (I’m not helping him, I want to see what he comes up with.)  He does not know the name, “rooster”.  Oh, this should be good.

“Daniel, this is a cockadoodle-doer.”

Which brings me to my question:  What would my name be if I were called by what comes out of my mouth?

Would it be Critic?  Cryer?  Coward?  Courage?

In this world we are not judged nearly as much as we should be for what we say.  But if we were…

Jesus, let my words be so remarkably focused on You that my son would call me “Christian”.

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