10 Cheetahs

It started with one cheetah.  “Dad, I am faster than a cheetah!”

But as Joshua has gotten more mature, everything is weighed in its relationship with 10 cheetahs.  “Dad, I am bigger than 10 cheetahs.”  “Mom, I eat gum like 10 cheetahs.”  “I jump like 10 cheetahs.” 

(Bad parenting spoiler alert…)  The other day, he told me that he was more comfortable than 10 cheetahs.  I couldn’t handle it.  I replied, enthusiastically and without reservation, “No you aren’t!”  He didn’t do it, but I WANTED him to get in an argument with me so I could systematically break down his idea of how comfortable 10 cheetahs are.  I would have won the argument but, let’s face it, that would have been the only thing I would have won.

I think he is trying to impress us, but at the end of the day (and I know you know this) I don’t really care if he is faster than a cheetah or slower than a cheetah or even THINKS he is faster than a cheetah.  I only care that he is my son.

He is my son!

I do the same thing.  “I am faster than my neighbor.”  “I am nicer than my friends.”   “I know more Bible than this pastor.”  “I do better ministry than this church.”   “I am more righteous and faithful than I was 10 years ago.”  Not sure who I am trying to impress, but I am fairly certain that nobody is buying it.

In fact, I am a little surprised that God has not said, “No you aren’t!”  

See, here is the good news:  God doesn’t care if I am smarter or faster.  He only cares that I am His kid.

I am His kid!

That’s all He cares about with you too.

Maybe you knew that already today.

Or maybe you just needed to hear it like 10 cheetahs.

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