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This is why I like the Bible so much and also why I hate the thing that we often do to the Bible.

The Bible finishes the story, but we often ignore the ending.

I have heard a lot of people talking about what the Bible says lately.  They speak about the Bible like it is something that condemns us.  It does, but that is only half of the story and we are fools if we stop there.

Let me be clear.  I think we need people to remind us that we have sin in our lives.  My life is better today because brave, integrity-filled people cared enough about me to tell me that there was something separating me from God.

But what about the rest of the sentence?

Romans 4:25

The fact that we are forgiven of our sins when Jesus is our Lord makes all the difference in the world.

I wonder if we have overstated sin and understated Jesus’ forgiveness.

Is this part of the reason that the world hates the Christian?  Because we live as though sin rules and not Jesus.  Is  the first thing on our lips when we see someone, “sin” or “forgiveness”?

Preaching about sin is important in a fallen world – but preaching about Jesus is necessary.

Jesus, please give me enough integrity and sight to finish the sentence.

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