Actually [Ack-chu-leeeee]

This is the way we say it in our house:  Ack-chu-LEEEEE (so if you want to really make me smile, drop in an occasional “Ack-chu-LEEEEE”

I want peanut butter… AckchuLEEEEE… I want ice cream.
I found a rock… AckchuLEEEEE… it is a diamond.
It is time to wake up… AckchuLEEEEE… you can sleep a little longer.

“Ack-chu-LEEEEE” has great meaning in our house.

It is a do-over. Ack-chu-LEEEEE, it is even better. It is an upgrade.

(hear) I am blind, but I will settle for less blind.  NO.  i will only settle for perfect vision.

Some people like their life. Some people do not.

I really liked who I was before I met Christ. But even in the midst of liking who I was – I still knew I wanted more. I knew there was something else. For me (and I will never forget this), I felt this sense of hidden loneliness. I felt ALMOST whole, but there was a hole.   At times I felt like the hole was out of sight.  Sometimes I felt like the hole was in the middle of my heart.  Always, I knew it was there.

I did not know that I wanted or needed an Ack-chu-LEEEEE

Then I met God. I asked Him to be King of my life.

“Take control, Jesus. Fill my heart. Be Lord.” It was hard to ask. It was hard to admit that I couldn’t fix this hole by myself.

Honestly, I did not think a relationship with Jesus would be that great – or that much different.

I was surprised and continue to be surprised every day with Jesus.

My life has followed this pattern:

I just need one more thing to make me happy… Ack-chu-LEEEEE… I have Everything!

Jesus, it turns out, is the prize I never knew I needed until I dove in.  I never want to be without Him.  I never will be.

You might need an Ack-chu-LEEEEE today.

Ask me – I will show you the Way.  John 9:25

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