Louder Than the Mob

My wife found this lodged up the nose of one of our kids the other day.  (If you know our kids, you know who it was…)  I learned something that day about the air passages between the nose and the mouth and I will gladly share if you ever need.  It is not easy to dislodge a bead from the nose.

I was also reminded of something that we all know:  Little things are the big things.

When I was playing basketball as a kid I could shut out every voice.  The people that wanted me to shoot the ball and the people that wanted me to trip over my own shoelaces (I did both at least once) were nothing but silence and faces.  There was nothing in the gym except my teammates and a basketball…  Unless my mom was in the crowd…

I can still hear her voice today, “Let’s go number 44!”

Little things are the big things.

In this world, I think we all have people yelling at us.  The mob crashes in and yells, “Crucify!”  Maybe they just want us to shoot the ball before we are ready.  Whatever it is, it can certainly fill up the room of your soul.

But, every once in a while, a still small voice sings out encouragement.  And that, let me tell you, is hard to dislodge.

I hope you hear that small voice today.
I hope you are that small voice today.

Jesus, give me the heart today to be a little thing in Your kingdom.

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