Marmot Mentality

A good friend of mine told me that his wife opened the hood of the car the other day and saw two little eyes looking at her from the engine cavity.  A marmot had taken up residence.  Awesome.  I would have jumped out of my skin.  They called animal control and had the guest removed.  

The most interesting thing to me:  Apparently, if you do not remove them correctly, the animals will try to return to the vehicle and re-nest.  WHAT?  How hard is it to convince a marmot that an engine is not a great place to live?

I wonder if I have marmot mentality.

I find a place or a thing that is not good for me and make it my home base.

Along comes the Savior, His name is Jesus, and He separates me from that which is no good for me.  This is a painful process, but it is for my good.  I don’t think so at the time.

My response is to fight my way back to the thing that hurts me – the place that is no good for me.  (The God-followers call this “sin”.)

How much time do we spend trying to get to the place that is harmful to us?  How hard is it to convince us that sin is not a great place to live?

Go home, marmot.

Revelation 21:4 tells of a place that God would rather have us living.   No more engine cavities.

Jesus, let me take correction better than a marmot.  I surrender my desire for that which is harmful.  Take me home.

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