Survival of the

Herbert Spencer got it wrong.  He read Darwin’s “On the Origin of the Species” and coined the phrase, “survival of the fittest.”  It is NOT the fittest that survive.

It is the crowd that survives.

If you are interested in survival, please allow me to give you some advice…

Do not separate yourself.

If you fall behind, you will become the voiceless, limping gazelle that we see on the nature channel that gets eaten by the jackals.  Your only hope is for the crowd to have compassion on you and value you, even though you do not look like them.  That is the separation we are accustomed to seeing.

But the same is true if you separate yourself in another way.

If you want to survive:

Do not separate yourself from the masses – the crowd will send jackals.
Do not speak out for what is Godly …jackals.
Do not reject normal.
Do not tell the whole truth.
Do not resist evil.
Do not be bold.
Do not choose God over good.
Do not forgive those that hate you.
Do not strive for the peaceful solution.
Do not stop complaining.
Do not turn the other cheek.
Do not stand for purity.
Do not forfeit what you deserve.
Jackels every time.
Men and women have been killed for far less. Christ was hung on a cross for this.

The world needs righteous men and the world hates righteous men.
So if you want to survive this world, without persecution and without mocking and without men hating you, remain hidden in the masses.

For those of you who fearlessly lead, and with more regard for truth than popularity, thank you.

Jesus, You have given me a choice. The way of the world or the way of the cross. May the cross be my constant companion.

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