God Not Good

Wall to wall dandelions.  If it were not for the weeds, our front yard would have no green in it.

So I set out the other day to excommunicate every piece of yellow I could find.  I got my weed pulling tools and was crushing it!  

Then my son walks over to me asking, “Daddy, why are you doing that.”

“Because I love your mom.”

To which he replies, “Oh, I love you too, so I’m going to give you a gift.”

Moments later he walks up to me and hands me my gift.
You know what it was, but I will tell you anyway. A beautiful dandelion.

First, because I am a dad, I told him thank you.
Next, because I am a vicious weed killer, I explained to him that I was going to put this flower over there in my special plastic bag for awesome gifts.

I think I do this with my soul, too.

Here is a thing of beauty and it is a gift and it is good. But I never realize that it is ACTUALLY something that should be given up.  I put a lot of value on the weeds.

There is a big difference between what is good and what is God.

Choose today – Are you bringing a flower (weed) or are you bringing a yard of green grass?
Those pretty flowers are hard to give up – but there is something just MUCH MUCH better.

Jesus, I choose You today. Help me drop the weeds in the trash, especially when I think so highly of them. I want God, not good.

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