Come Home Robin Putnam

Her name is Cindy.  In July of 2012 her son, Robin, went missing.  He has been gone for a long time and we pray for him often.

Cindy continues to wait for her son with patience and faithfulness.  I admire that about her.

People, I think, will occasionally approach her and discourage this faithfulness of hers.  They disguise themselves as realists, saying that she should prepare herself for bad news, or that many signs point to a different answer than the one she wants.

I say they disguise themselves as realists because they do not KNOW what “real” is.  They are actually, “probably-ists”, or “odds are-ists”.  These are people that I feel sorry for for one key reason:  They think that if something is difficult to believe then it must not be true.

Cindy has continued to stand firm and makes a choice every day.  She believes that Robin will come home.

I believe the same thing.  

I am a father.  (happy Father’s day, by the way)  I am also someone that understands what it is to choose to believe in something that doesn’t seem possible.  I believe God loves me.  I believe God exists.  I believe there is a Heaven and a hell.  I believe salvation comes through Christ alone.

I believe God.  

I have chosen this.

The world is full of “realists” that do not know The REAL One.  

Let nobody call me a “realist”, but instead, a man of faith.  Then, one day, I will walk with the Real One – then you can call me a Realist.

Jesus, give me faith and let me choose faith.

1 Corinthians 1:18

If you see my friend Robin, please tell him we love him and that I cannot wait to have a coffee with him.



  1. Wow! Really nice Tree…….praying for Cindy often! Miss ya, Lyla

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