My youngest son will try to eat anything that is in front of him.

Cereal, ice cream, pizza, legos, paper, milk, baby food…  Some things he eats are good for him, some are bad tasting and good for him, and some things are just bad for him (bad, as in death).

When I saw that he was eating a little plastic bead the other day, I was thrilled.

I told him, “That will be a little hard to chew, but go ahead and eat it.”  “Make sure that you break it into small pieces so you can digest it well.”

“Here…  If you like that, you will love these toy cars that belong to your brother.”  “And look, some bleach to wash it down”

Nope.  I’m a father.  I did not say that to my baby.

I took the little bead away before he could swallow it.

Spiritually speaking, what are you eating?

Is it good for you?  Is it bad tasting but good for you?

Is it bad for you?

Do you need someone to snatch it out of your hand before you swallow the lie whole?

Let me speak on behalf of the Heavenly Father for just a second please…

Some of the lies that this world feeds us are bad for us (bad, as in death).  Don’t believe me?  Watch the news – healthy world or not healthy?

They will tell you God is dead or that He does not love you.  They will tell you that Jesus wasn’t all God.  They will say that there are many gods and many ways to heaven.

These lies have killed others and will kill you.

I want to challenge you.  Try a new diet.  Read the Bible every day for 12 days.  Give me a call and we will read it together.  (I’m reading through Hebrews right now.)  See what happens when you eat healthy food.

Jesus, save me from eating this garbage.  Give me food that grows my soul.

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