The Art of Sacrifice

Every child does this, I know.  There is nothing special about crawling through the house and finding something shiny and holding on to it as tightly as you can.  

Then you find something colorful, you grab that and hold on tightly to both.  Every child does this too.

Then you run across something squeaky.  Every kid is faced with a choice:  learn to juggle or learn to sacrifice.

I was watching my beautiful kid try to figure it out the other day.  I laughed.

“Ha ha ha…  He can’t figure out how to hold everything he wants.  He cannot decide which one is more important.  What a baby.”
I told my 11 month old to choose his battles but he did not listen.

I’m so glad I don’t have that problem now that I am an adult… (feel the sarcasm? feel it!)

There is an art to sacrifice that I have not yet mastered. I want it all. I do not want to give up the shiny for the colorful, but I must.

I must choose that which is most important and leave the rest on the floor. So I can crawl. So I can run. So I can fy.

Matthew 16:26

Jesus, please take this stuff out of my hand. Amen.

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