The Big C

Today we said goodbye to my friend Scott.  His memorial service on the top of the mountain that he loved to ski was led by his family and friends.  We told stories and remembered a great man.  I miss you, Scott.  I miss your remarkable wisdom and honesty.

Scott’s body lost a battle against cancer.  Yet, there was little said about cancer today.  

Oh, we mentioned it a bit.
“Scott found out he had cancer…”
“We are tired of cancer…”
But all in all, cancer, it turns out, was not the star of the show at the service today.

I am reminded of something an oncologist told me once. He said, “Sometimes people refer to cancer as ‘the big “C”‘, but I know the big “C”. His name is Christ, not cancer.”

Scott’s body lost a battle, but do you know who won? Two people:
Scott won! He is free today. Right now.
Christ won! He walks with a man that He has pursued for an entire lifetime. (Just like He pursues you and me.)

I want to say a humble thank you.

Thank you Scott, for not living a story about cancer but about Christ.

And thank you to all who are fighting cancer, or ALS, or MD, or any life-threatening thing like that – thank you for refusing to be defined by death. You are heroes!

Fight well, and know that I am on your side.

Big C, thank You for sharing Your friend Scott with me. And thank You for winning that fight! You are Jesus and there is no other. Amen.

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