The Pleasing Choice

I have three ticklish children and only two hands (you do the math).

Anna is ticklish on her knees.
Joshua on his back.
Daniel on his neck.

On rare occasions I can position them all correctly and tickle all three at the same time. Sometimes, I tickle one and the other two fill the place with laughter.  Most of the time I will choose to tickle one, Anna for instance, and Joshua will be a little sad that I did not choose him, and Daniel will be mad because I am “attacking” his sister (the kid is pretty protective of his siblings).

I am a Christian, an introvert, and a people pleaser (you do the math).

A Christian follows Jesus and makes choices that please God.
An introvert loves being alone because he is emotionally pleased in solitude.
A people pleaser is happy when serving others, even at the detriment of his personal needs.

On rare occasions, I make a decision that pleases all three (God, the crowd, and me) but most of the time I have to choose only one to please.

Today (and tomorrow, and the next…) I will be forced to make a choice.  You will have to make this choice today as well.  

Will we choose to please God?  The crowd?  Self?

Jesus, I choose You today.  Let me be thankful for the complaints that come from others because of my choice to please You.

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