Big Boy Bed


He is sleeping sideways in his bed.  His head is right up against one side and here are his feet, hanging out of the bed.  It won’t be long before Daniel has outgrown the bed even if he lays in the correct direction.  Growth is like that.

This is not a surprise.  

When we bought this bed (for our first child) we knew that nobody would be sleeping in it when they grew up.  It is great for a six month old but is useless for a sixteen year old.

Some things are made for the baby, but not for the adult.

How is your faith?

Have you grown out of the baby bed yet?  Do your feet hang off the edge?  

Are you cramming yourself in a spot too small because you are comfortable there?

Is it time for the big boy bed?

My message today is not for you, but for me…  Grow up.

Jesus, let’s get that new bed ready.

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