Team Work


Recently, an old friend posted an old picture of our high school basketball team after we won a title.  It was either the district championship, or the regional, or area…  Not sure – we kinda won everything that year.  

The picture reminded me of excellence. 
Here’s the deal:  I was a little worthless on the basketball court.  I could rebound, lights out, but that was it.

So here is what I miss about those days:  I miss getting a rebound and having the great confidence that Anthony was always ready for me to pass the ball to him to reset the play.  Derrick was always ready to shoot the ball when I could not.  Rudy was waiting at the 3 point line.  Andre owning the post.  Eric working the paint.  Corey, Antonio, Doug, Torey, Andrew, Chris, Sean, Troy…

These are heroes that fought against me and fought on my side.  They will always be with me.  I have bled to root for them and they have bled for me.  Their friendship through high school was more than I deserved and truly is a gift I can never forget.

We place great emphasis on ability.  We watch the highest paid, or the greatest climber, or the one with the best stats.  We look at the most eloquent, or the highest attendance, or the fastest.

We have traded an emphasis on teamwork for emphasis on talent.  

Where are all the excellent teams?

How can you tell if you are a team player?  Do you spend most of your time on the court talking about how great the rest of the players are?  Is it obvious that the people who surround you are amazing at covering up your shortcomings?  Do they say, “Hey, didn’t you play for the 1991 Dragon team?”

When you stand up, do you stand with the help of a thousand heroes that fought against you and with you?  That is a team for whom you should bleed.

Ephesians 4:29, 1 Peter 4:8-10, Hebrews 10:24-25…  Spur one another on…

Jesus, let this church be a team.

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