Super Moon

Super moon / harvest moon / blood moon.

It was amazing.  We stopped to take a picture.  We “oooh-ed” and “aaah-ed” and told the kids it was a special event.

Want to know a secret?

It was the same moon I saw last night, and three months ago, and the same moon I will see in five years.

It is called a super moon for two reasons:
It is closer to us than it is 90% of the time; and therefore,
It reflects the sunshine really well.

See who the star of the show is? It is literally the star.

If a moon could aspire to be “super”, it would simply have to get closer to those that are looking at it, and at the same time welcome the sun’s light.

There are times, however, and this happened just the other day, when the ones that are looking at it and admiring it, get in the way of the light it is meant to reflect. Eclipse.

An eclipse is beautiful on a moon. It is fun to watch.

Not so with the humans.

Sometimes, the people that are looking at us get in the way of the light we are supposed to share. Sometimes, I get so consumed with the people around me and my proximity to them that I stop being a reflector. There are a lot of reasons that we don’t show the light of the sun. (but you know I am actually talking about the Light of the Son.)

I don’t have an answer, necessarily, just a challenge:

Be a super moon. Get close to the people that need the light. Reflect the Son.

Jesus, put me in the dark. Let people see how You change my face.

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