Little Pieces

Just two more minutes, please?

My daughter wanted to sleep a little more this morning.  I told her she could stay in bed until I came back.  Two minutes later guess what she asked me.  Just two more minutes, please?

I had to tell her, “no.”  Two minutes is fine, but two minutes, then two minutes, then two minutes, et cetera, will devour your day.

Unless you are a dinosaur or a python, little pieces is the way to devour your meal.
Little pieces can devour other things too.

Little pieces can devour your marriage and friendships.  They can devour your politicians (ask how important a bunch of little emails can be).  They can devour your church.  They can devour your football team (ask the extra points kicker).  They can devour your integrity and your concentration and your calendar and your checkbook and your appetite and your home life.  One little word can defry a whole sentence (see what I did there?).

Little pieces can devour your faith.

Little pieces can also COMPLETE your faith.

As much harm as they can do to our lives, it is the little pieces that can make our lives great.  Has your day ever been changed because of the way one person smiled at you?  Or because of one off-topic, off-hand statement?

I have a challenge for you:  Today, you will be a little piece of someone’s life.  Will that little piece help devour or help complete?

I put together a puzzle long ago.  It was missing one piece.  The puzzle of the New York skyline lay incomplete on my kitchen table for weeks until I found the last piece.  I rejoiced when it was finally done.

What will you complete today?

Jesus, He who began a good work in us will be faithful to complete it (Philippians 1:6).  Let me be an instrument of Your faithfulness.

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