Which Ones?

My wife came up to me.  She had this great dress on and two different boots, one on each foot.  She asked a question that I am afraid of answering incorrectly:  “Which ones?”

So I was allowed to help in the choosing process.  Big responsibility.  I chose a pair and my wife put the matching boot on the other foot and went her way (so I suppose I guessed correctly).

Later that morning, Anna came up to me in a nice dress for school.  She asked the question as well, “Which ones?” (It thrills me that she is turning into her mother!)  It took me a couple of seconds. I examined both boots. I asked her to turn the lights up and twirl around so I could see them better. Then my suspicions were confirmed.
She was wearing matching boots…  “Those,” I said, and off she went.

I wonder if people look at my life in the same way?

You expect to see growth, something different, but all you see is the same shoe on a different foot.
Is my life different?
Look at me in the light. Examine my life. Make me dance in front of you.
Will you see a difference?
Where will that difference lead you?

Luke 5 tells the story of Jesus, Peter, and a couple of boats full of fish. At the end of this encounter, Peter looks at Jesus and says, “Go away from me Lord, for I am a sinful man, oh Lord!” (Matthew 5:8)

When people encountered Jesus, they knew they had a choice.

I want you to look at my life and realize that you have a choice.
Choose religion or choose relationship with God.
Choose fear or choose life.
Choose hate or choose hope.

When you look at me can you tell what I have chosen?
When they look at you can they tell?

Jesus, let every encounter with me remind the world of the new life You give so freely.

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