One Room Schoolhouse

Are you a one room schoolhouse?

Look around the one room schoolhouse and you will find people that are older than you, more experienced than you.  These are people that teach you in the midst of their learning.  

Occasionally, the teacher will tell one of them to help you with a problem.

Your job is to help them learn by forcing them to teach.  (If they can show you how to do the new math, then they really have a grasp on it.)

Also present are those younger than you.  They are less experienced.

You can see the worry in their eyes when they are challenged.  You remember that look being in your eyes.

You had forgotten how it feels to be so uneducated, so innocent, so ready to learn, so young.  You forgot how it feels until you sat next to them and all of the passion for learning came flowing back into your heart.

When you teach them, you reinforce your learning.  (Before I can communicate how a verb works, I must remember how a verb works.)

There is a reason Jesus sent His disciples out two by two.  Learning about God is most often accompanied by teaching about God.  

It is Paul and Barnabus / David and Jonathan / Moses and Aaron / James and John / Adam and Eve / First Testament and New Testament.

So look around your life.
Are you surrounded by people that are better than you?
Are you surrounded by people that need you?

Jesus, give me a one room classroom life. I want to learn the whole Truth!


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