Nomophobia comes from the words, “no-moble-phone phobia”

I laughed.  Really?  Psychology Today has an article about a fear of being without your mobile device?  Here is a link to a blog that touches on the subject (look here).

Seems like we can find just about anything to make us fear today.

What do you fear?   Public speaking?  Death?  Snakes?  Life?  Everything?

I have been reading Jeremiah lately.  Jeremiah is a kid.  He is asked to confront the nation of Israel with a difficult message.  They hated the message God sent through Jeremiah.  They threw him into a well  (Jeremiah 38:6).  I think he was a little afraid.  I think I would be.

Yet, God gives Jeremiah this challenge to be bold.  I love the way the HCSB reads:  “…Do not be intimidated by them or I will cause you to cower before them.”  (Jeremiah 1:17)

If you choose to be intimidated, you will live in fear.

I will not be afraid if I lose my cell phone.
I will not be afraid of those that hate my message from God.
I will not be afraid of enemies or wicked friends.
I will not be afraid to speak what is true.
I will not be afraid of sacrifice.

Lord, I choose to fear You. There my list ends.

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