Controlled falling

Walking is actually falling with control.

Took the kids skiing and I was very happy with Joshua’s progress.  He wasn’t so sure about the process last year.  He complained and was frightened.

This year he sang, “Wheeeeeee” all the way down the hill.

It occurred to me as I was looking at some pictures of him on the skis that I could not tell if he was skiing or falling.  

Isn’t skiing just falling really fast down a big hill with boards strapped onto your feet and a goal of keeping said boards between you and the ground (so you can actually fall FASTER)?  (fun)

‘Tis the season to remember a Baby born of a virgin and lying in a manger.

The greatest fall of all times!

Jesus fell from Heaven to walk around on earth.  It occurred to me as I was contemplating Jesus’ stay on the planet that maybe, just maybe He had fun down here.

There was a lot of work, no doubt.  Extreme purpose.  Persecution.  Sweating drops of blood.  He actually died!  It was a big fall.

But if you love adventure and believe that giving is better than receiving (I think Jesus did), then perhaps this was an exciting trip for the Savior.  

I am not trying to diminish the holiness of Jesus.  That is impossible to do.  What I am suggesting is that Jesus was not afraid of His trip but reveled in it.  Why?

He walked with you.  That is what He wants.  He did all of that so He would be called Emmanuel (God with us).

He fell from Heaven to have a relationship with you.  Best relationship ever.

Can you hear Jesus walk with you and cry out, “Wheeeeeee!”

Is that falling or is that skiing?  

Jesus, I want the adventure of a lifetime.  Let me not be afraid to fall next to You!


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