Jeep verses the world

I have a jeep.  I have a little confidence in my jeep.  You know, it is a Rubicon.  
A jeep weighs about 5700 pounds.

Yesterday a school bus got stuck in the snow right in front of me.  I wanted to be helpful.  
A school bus weighs about 28,000 pounds empty.

A friend and I attached the tow rope to the bus and the jeep and I started pulling.  


You may wonder why I tried to pull a bus with a jeep.  Did I think the bus would budge?

I wanted it to budge.  I had visions in my big head of David pulling Goliath out of the snow and then the town giving me the key to the city and being featured in Jeep Magazine and having my own sitcom…

Instead, nothing.

Nothing until the town brought a snow plow and chain.
A snow plow weighs about 29,500 pounds.
The snow plow driver had full confidence!
There are things that I thought I could do:
I thought I could change my life.
I thought I could get rid of my sin.
I thought I could have a relationship with God.

I had visions in my big head of going to God and saying, “I will follow You…” and then God would say, “Yes!” and He would give me the keys to Heaven and tell me I was in charge and then ask me to write an explanation of the Bible.

Instead, nothing.

The more I tried to approach God or be “good” or walk with the Almighty, the less I succeeded.


Nothing until God brought in Jesus.

I weigh 220 pounds.
Jesus weighs everything.
I have full confidence in Jesus.

The next time you find yourself with something impossibly heavy at the end of your tow rope, try calling my friend Jesus.

Jesus, thank You for being the Heavyweight. We will never be stuck again.

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