Happy Birthday, Princess


The date I was born changed my life forever.

I met my wife at a camp about five years before we saw each other again.  After our first meeting, we would talk with each other about once a year.  We would catch up and remember with each other.  We would talk about dreams and renew our friendship on that one day every year.  

Once a year.  Today.  Her birthday.  My birthday.  Our birthday.

Then she married me.  (For those of you wondering, no, we did not get married on our birthday.  Though I would have loved that because, how easy would it have been to remember my anniversary???)

Today we have been married for 9 years, 8 months, and 15 days.  Just a drop in the bucket compared to the 92 years (or so) that I plan on being married to her.

I don’t think I am very “easy” to be in love with.  I am stubborn and self-centered.  I like to be alone.  I could watch Star Wars 24 hours a day.  (There’s more, but I will let you fill in the blanks.)

BUT…  She continues to love me.  She treats me like Jesus treats me.  She likes talking to me.  She listens to me even when I can feel myself talking too much and she never complains, “This is all about you.”  She hurts when I hurt and she smiles when I smile.  She tickles me so she can hear me laugh.  She loves me.

She is more than I deserve.

We have grown more in love and there is one very important reason.  Today, we do not rely on our birthday to bring us close to each other.  Today, we rely on God.  That is why Robbin loves me the way she does.  His love for her builds her love for me.  Ask me about it sometime.  Ask her.

She loves me because of who God is.

I am amazed and you will be too.  Turn your love over to God and see what happens.

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