A Good Substitute

The sky is clear tonight.  No clouds.  Stars shining passionately as if someone threw a handful of diamonds on a search light.

And the moon…  So bright I can walk around the house without worrying about the myriad of Legos looking to bite the arch of my foot.  The moon has embraced our house all week with warm light.  It has been our guide for glasses of water and kid’s coughs.  We can see better.  We can see OK because of the moon.

Then the dawn.

In this mountain town, clear sky, reflecting snow, and thin air, the sun burst forth with a power indescribable.  It causes temporary blindness in all visitors from the south.  The sun clings to our eyes with relentless burn.  Tears fall when the sun wakes.

The moon is a stone.  The sun is a flame.

Sometimes we get so accustomed to the substitute that we forget about the power of the real thing.

Does this happen in your world too?

People hurting, friends dying, dreams almost coming true, 80%,  “mostly what I wanted”, a decent relationship – It is what it is.  Better get used to it.

Mediocrity is a substitute god.  We worship the stone and think it is the flame.

Then the Dawn.

Revelation 2:4 warns the church, “You have forgotten your first love.”

I am pulled constantly – you too – because we do not belong here.  We love the substitute and have forgotten that there is something better than this life.  But I have good news:  

The Son is about to shine.

There is something better than this.  Do not forget.  Do not close your eyes.  And do not get too attached to the pale moonlight.

Jesus, rescue us from this good substitute.  Amen.

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