Technically he is skiing.  He has skis on his feet.  He is on the snow.  He is dressed like a skier.  He is moving downhill at a speed greater than walking.  Technically…

Technically he is skiing, but we are just experiencing the foreshadow of a skier.  Someday, Daniel will strap on his own boots and skis.  He will ride the chair lift on his own and find a patch of white gold far away from the magic carpet training facility.  He will fly down the mountain with speed and a smile.  Mom and dad will be in the background praying for safety – knowing that we cannot supply it anymore.  He will be unencumberred until he reaches the beginning of the mountain and then, he will begin again.

Technically he is skiing.  Someday though, he will be skiing!

I hope.  I hope Daniel does not settle for technically.  I hope he explores the limits and boundaries of being on the mountain.  I hope he refuses to be guarded at every turn.  I hope he wants to do this for himself.  I hope he sees how much I like skiing and falls more in love with it than I.

All of us live, technically.  But not all of us live.  

We look like we have life.  We breathe, we smile, we speak.  We walk around with people we love and hope for the best.  We are living.  Technically… 

We feel, however, in our hearts an absence.  Something is holding us from full life.

To those that are hurting with this emptiness, I have experienced one truth:

Life with Jesus Christ as your Lord is living to the fullest.  John 10:10

You may not believe me.  I didn’t believe it the first time I heard it either.  So watch me.  Watch closely.  Ask questions.  Today might be the day that you strap on your skis and experience life.  I hope you do.


Jesus, do not let us settle for technically.  Amen.

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