Peanut Butter on the Ceiling

Every day when I got home I would watch a show called “321 Contact”.
Often, 321 Contact would feature a story about the amazing Spider-Man.
Spidey could shoot webs from his hands and do flips on command and…

Climb up walls and on ceilings.

Guess who wanted to be Spider-Man.

The problem:  Spider-Man was bitten by a radio active spider.  I would have to come up with a different catalyst.  I chose the stickiest substance I knew – peanut butter – and put it all over my fingers.  Then I tried to crawl across the ceiling.  In retrospect, I probably should have tried creamy peanut butter instead of crunchy, but the adventure was TOTALLY WORTH IT!

A smattering of peanut butter on the ceiling is the proof of the power of hope.

Hope fuels faith.

Today, my desire to emulate Spider-Man has diminished, but my HOPE has GROWN.

I hope to look like Jesus.

This hope does not require peanut butter.  It requires a heart.  It requires a mind.  It requires a life.

I used the whole jar of peanut butter to accomplish my goal of being like Spidey.
I will use my whole life to look like Christ.

Let me invite you to hear the story of a Hero.  His name is Jesus and He has changed my life.  I will never look just like Him, and I will always try to look just like Him.

A smattering of my old life is proof of the power of His transformation.  And that transformation is TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Want to try something better than walking across your ceiling?  Come meet this Jesus.

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