Safety First, Or Ninth… Or Last

  I would have loved to ski with her but she asked so sweetly…  “Please can I ski down by myself, please?”  The second please was placed strategically.

Robbin and I agreed:  You can ski down the mountain, but we will be right there watching you.  And you must wait for us at this spot.  And not too fast.  And don’t take any candy from strangers.  And don’t vote without doing research.  And stay away from red meteors.  And test the water with your feet before diving in.  Be safe!

She was not safe.

Please do not misunderstand.  She was watched, guarded, prayed for, hoped for…
She skied down without falling, breaking, crying, or losing anything…
She had fun – but she was not safe.

Safe would have been to take her home, put her to bed, and lock all the doors.  Instead, she skied.

We traded safe for adventure and growth.

We want to keep our kids safe.  We want to be safe.  There is nothing wrong with either.  But sometimes we have to ask ourselves what we want more:  LIFE, or safe?

God places two people in the Garden of Eden that He knows are going to disobey.  Life or safe?
Jesus eats the Last Supper with Judas, even shares His cup (Matthew 26:23). Life or safe?
Saul the murderous zealot turned Paul the apostle sings in prison (Acts 16:25). Life or safe?

Jesus will protect you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. His eyes watch over the earth so He may strongly support those whose hearts are completely His (2 Chronicles 16:9).

But it will not be safe.

Jesus, grow me up. Get me out of bed and unlock the doors. One day or ten thousand more, I want life!

John 14:6-7

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