No A1

They have this great cafeteria at our resort hotel.  All kinds of great food.  The kids were getting pizza and chicken fingers and Mac and cheese,  I needed a hamburger.  

No – a bacon cheese burger with fries.  Carnivores rejoice!

I sat down with my family and immediately recognized the need for auxiliary stuff.  We needed napkins and forks and ketchup…  So I made a trip to the center island. 

Ketchup is fine for fries, but I needed something even bolder.  I prefer A1 Steak Sauce to make a great burger into an awesome adventure for the senses.  It will wake you up.  They had ranch, mustard, blue cheese…  No A1.  No bold.  No awesome adventure.

How do you look at God?

Is God the cafeteria?  A little something for everyone.  He can satisfy your immediate need so you are not hungry.  He can take care of the here and now.  Always there with what most people want.  

I’m just going to go ahead and leave this word here for you to think about:  BORING.

Or is God the A1?  Bold.  Adventurous.  Different.  Unpopular.  Delicious.

Joshua told the people of God, “Choose ye this day whom you will serve…”  Who will you choose today?

Be careful if you are choosing something that everyone else chooses – it might not be the bold for which you are looking.  And believe me, God is bold.  He will change your face and wake you up, but you CANNOT FIND HIM AT EVERY CAFETERIA.

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