We have a water cooler at the back of the church. It also has a hot water feature with a child safety spigot.

The other day I was watching Daniel the 2-year-old walk around back there.  Every time he would go near the water cooler, I would get a little closer to him.  If he reached his hand out toward the cold water spigot, I would get closer to him.  He would back away – I would back away.  He would get close, I would get close.  The dance!
He reached toward the hot water spigot and I was right there.  BOOM!  I am ready to rescue.

He fussed. Threw a fit. He doesn’t have the vocabulary yet, but what he was saying was, “Dude! Back away! I know what I am doing and that red, hot water thing looks much more awesome than the cold. You have got to let me do some things that I want and stop pushing your conservative protective agenda on my life!” (something like that).

I am watching my kids get more independent.  This is both wonderful and frightening at the same time. I want them to grow up, but I also want them to avoid scourging hot water.  So I guard them a little closer when they are near the danger.

Something you should know about Jesus:

The closer I get to pain, the closer Jesus gets to me.  This is what rescuers do.

I do not always know that I am closer to pain.  In fact, often, I cry out for independence rather than protection.  “Make me a better…”  “Give me what I need to choose…”  “Let me go…”  When what I should probably pray is, “Thanks for stopping me, God.  I need You.”  (Try that simple prayer sometime.  It will change your life.)

Yet, regardless of how I pray or react, Jesus still walks closer in times of hurt.  Whether I throw a fit or not, He still abides.  I am eternally grateful for that.

I know some of you are closer to the flame than you should be.  Maybe you want to feel the fire.  Maybe you are bored with, or angry at the safe places.  Maybe you don’t know the danger is right in front of you.  You are getting closer to the hurt.  I am sorry, I know how confusing that is.  But be assured…  The Rescuer is here.  He watches all the time, but sometimes He dances.  Don’t try to break His hold, try to learn from His embrace.

We need a Rescuer.

Jesus, please rescue us.

Romans 7:24 “Wretched man that I am!  Who will set me free from the body of this death?”

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