Lives Matter

Black lives matter.
Happy lives matter.
Athletic lives matter.
Criminal lives matter.
Unborn lives matter.
Dirty lives matter.
Angry lives matter.
Enemy lives matter.
Friendly lives matter.
Racist lives matter.
Extreme lives matter.
Boring lives matter.
Addict lives matter.
Actor lives matter.
Politician lives matter.
Muslim lives matter.
Cute lives matter.

Add two words to any of these slogans and we change the world.

We get into trouble when we add these two words: “more than”.

As in, “Rich lives matter MORE THAN poor lives matter,”
or, “Voting lives matter MORE THAN silent lives matter,”
or the ever popular, “Our lives matter MORE THAN your lives matter.”

Add these two words and we are adding prejudice and hate.

However, if we try these two words: “To God”…

“Broken lives matter TO GOD,”
or, “Lonley lives matter TO GOD,”
and of course, “Our lives matter TO GOD.”

Add these two words and we add humbleness and purpose.

God breaks paritiality and prejudice with this phrase from the book of Job…

“God shows no partiality to princes and does not favor the rich over the poor, for they are all the work of His hand.” – Job 34:19

There is a reason that lives matter to God.  He created them.  Lives were God’s idea in the first place.

Therefore, my response to the people that are around me is actually my response to God.
How do I feel about you? – the question is really how do I feel about God’s work?   (That, by the way, is the reason that I like you so much.)

What would happen in my life if I honored all lives as the work of God’s hand?

Which two words will you choose?

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