It’ll Hurt More

His knee hurt.  A bad fall and he would be limping for the rest of the week.

But when it was time to play with his best friend next door, Joshua managed to muster enough strength to run, jump, and fly to infinity and beyond!  He was healed. (Or he forgot the pain in the face of fun.)

McKayla (sorry if I butchered your name, little friend) arrived at the mountain top service with a cast on her foot.  I ran into her family the next day and they were bragging on their little girl.  “We just hiked to the waterfall.”  I asked if her foot hurt in the cast.  

“Yes.  Oh yes.”

Jesus is beaten and bloodied and placed on a cross.  He asks for something to drink and endures mocking.  Then His motive comes out:  Luke 23:34…

It is easy to smile when the blue skies abound, but not so much when standing in line at the DMV.

What will you do when it hurts?  That is where your priority lies.

If you want to know how much my son loves his best friend, bloody his knee.
If you want to know how much McKayla values time with her family, break her toe.
If you want to know how much Jesus loves you, put Him on a cross and hear His plea.

What you do when it hurts more points to where your heart is. That, I believe, is why Jesus told us to love our enemies – not because that would take the pain away, but because sacrifice is sanctifying.

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