God-sized Calling

Joshua worked so hard on his backpack.  We were getting ready for a trip to see the cousins and Joshua made sure that he packed enough toys for the week (month).  

Then he came face to face with the cousins.

Joshua’s backpack rests in the back of the Jeep – unopened – forgotten – unnecessary.

Cousins trump toys.

Have you ever worked for something only to find that God has a bigger calling for you?
Would you let go of the things you think are amazing so Jesus can do something God-sized with you?

Jesus is walking by the Sea of Galilee when He comes across two brothers: James and John.
These brothers are preparing their nets. This is what fishermen do to prepare for the next day of fishing, however…
Jesus has something God-sized for them.

Matthew chapter 4, verses 21 and 22 says, “…They were mending their nets; and Jesus called them.  Immediately they left the boat…”

Nets unneeded.

I have often wondered about those nets. They sit in the boat – unopened – forgotten – unnecessary.

Calling trumps old life.

Calling trumps everything.

God is going to call to you today.  Please hear.

He will call you to a new life and, if you are anything like I used to be, you will want to hold on to your old life.
You think your toys will satisfy, but that’s just because you have not yet come face to face with the God-sized plan.  I pray you trust God enough to leave the toys in the backpack.

He will call you to adventure, danger, drama, passion, uncomfortable and unimaginable life.

Leave the nets!

“Jesus call.  Amen.”

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